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Government Lending Expertise

May 02, 2018 Announcements

We are proud to be a top 5 national mortgage provider, a leader in government-insured lending and one of the highest ranking VA lenders in the U.S.


Complete Government Product Selection

Top 5 VA Lender1 - 100% LTV, No Max Loan Amount, up to 50% DTI on a manual underwrite with 120% of base residual income. 
View Product Summary.

Top 10 USDA Lender 2 - Uniquely offers potential for "instant equity" by using 100% LTV of the appraised value with no military requirement, 1% upfront guarantee fee, .35% annual fee. Property and income restrictions apply. View Product Summary.
#2 FHA Lender by Volume 3 - TBD pre-qualifications eligible, DTI determined by AUS, HUD REO properties with escrow holdbacks for repairs of up to $11,000, manual underwriting accepted (with no price adjustments). View Product Summary.


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2 U.S. Department of Agriculture, October 1, 2017 - January 31, 2018, Obligations ReportLoan Origination Top 50 by lender.
3 Inside Mortgage Finance, 2Q2017