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Freedom Mortgage Leads Industry as an Inaugural Member of NAMB All-In

October 01, 2019 Announcements

Offer the Convenience of Digital Asset Verification Today!

Freedom Mortgage Leads Industry as First Wholesale Lender to Accept the Digital Verification of Assets Report (VOA) through all Calyx Platforms, including NAMB All-In.

  • Close Loans Faster – More Accurate Asset Verification Accelerates Processing
  • More Efficient Processing – No More Lost or Missing Bank Statements
  • Exceed Borrower Expectations – No Mailing, Faxing or Uploading
  • Free to all Calyx customers and NAMB members - Now Available in Point®, PointCentral®, Path® and NAMB All-In.

More Benefits Through Zip, and Calyx Point LOS Systems


Winning Technology Designed for Brokers – Earlier this year, Freedom Mortgage Wholesale announced its inaugural membership and integration with NAMB All-In, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers’ (NAMB) new cloud-based platform. Powered by Calyx Technology, NAMB All-In is designed to deliver an intuitive, convenient digital borrower experience and streamline workflows for mortgage brokers. Now, Freedom Mortgage is the first wholesale lender in the Calyx Wholesaler Marketplace to offer brokers and their borrowers the convenient ability to digitally verify assets (VOA) while applying for a home loan. 


Zip – Transform Your Customer Experience - Starting with Calyx’s Zip, your new or existing homebuyers can easily begin the loan application process from any mobile device – the intuitive borrower interview seamlessly enables borrowers to request digital verification of asset information directly and securely from thousands of financial institutions nationwide. 


Fast, Flexible Technology & More Choice – The borrower data collected from Zip conveniently populates within the LOS of your choice - Calyx Point or NAMB All-In.  Within minutes, the verification of assets is complete and your certification document with all bank/asset statement details is available (from AccountChek).


Digital VOA Only Available with Freedom Mortgage – From the Calyx Wholesaler Marketplace in NAMB All-In, brokers simply select Freedom Mortgage Wholesale and the 1003 data is transferred without any export/upload of a FNMA 3.2 file. The digital VOA is eligible with most conventional and government loan programs.


*NAMB All-In is Free for NAMB Members – The NAMB All-In platform, including the new digital VOA enhancement is free to NAMB Members. Calyx’s Zip application is only $10/submission for brokers transferring loans to lenders integrated with the Calyx Wholesaler Marketplace.


Getting Started

  • To learn more about NAMB All-In visit www.nambai.com
  • To join NAMB or to learn about membership perks visit www.namb.org. You can also call (202)434-8250 to speak with a team member.
  • Zip, NAMB All-In and Point are Calyx technologies. The Calyx technical support team is available to answer questions via phone (844)684-0030 or email NAMBAI@Calyxsoftware.com.