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Approved Title Insurance Companies

March 23, 2020 Blog No Comments

Freedom Mortgage Approved Title Insurance Companies

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(Updated December 10, 2020)

Title Insurance Policy Announcements

  • Unacceptable Title Insurance Indemnity/Affidavit Practices and Title Policy Exceptions
    Effective March 27, 2020

    Important Reminders:
    • Freedom Mortgage will not permit any title insurance company, including those appearing on Freedom Mortgage’s approved title insurance list, to require an indemnity, affidavit etc. to be signed by Freedom Mortgage in order to proceed with closing.
    • Any title commitments, including those from title insurers on Freedom Mortgage’s approved list, containing verbiage for any possible exception on the final title policy will not be acceptable and must be removed. An updated title commitment will be required prior to the issuance of a Final Approval or preparation of closing documents, depending on the stage of the loan process.
    • To avoid delays at closing, Clients are strongly encouraged to proactively contact their title insurance companies and closing agent partners to ensure this language has not been included.
    • Note: Title insurance companies appearing on Freedom Mortgage's approved list have agreed not to include indemnity language, requirement of an affidavit or exceptions on the title commitment and final title policy. Given the dynamic market environment, it is possible that such language may be inadvertently included by an approved provider and must be removed before the closing can proceed.
    • Please see the linked examples of such statements mentioned above.

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