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Introducing Freedom Mortgage's New MI Perfect Price

July 29, 2019 Blog No Comments


Freedom Mortgage’s New MI Perfect Price

Easily obtain the best available MI pricing for your borrower

  • Conveniently integrated with Freedom Mortgage’s Price It engine
  • MI price quotes are determined from all Freedom Mortgage’s MI providers

Freedom Mortgage is pleased to introduce our new best execution risk-based MI pricing engine, MI Perfect Price. Effective July 29, all MI pricing will be quoted through a Risk Based calculation, across all Freedom approved providers, on Borrower Paid MI (BPMI), conventional loans.

Key Features

  • Risk based pricing on borrower paid MI.

  • Available for conventional loans only.

  • Includes an extremely competitive pricing quote determined from all Freedom Mortgage’s MI providers.

Key Benefits

  • Easy, best execution price quotes.

  • Pricing is based on the personal risk factors of the borrowers.

  • Conveniently integrated in Price It – Price It will now return an MI quote along with the rate and term quotes.

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